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Charge Air Coolers

From day one, Dura-Lite™ has been committed to solving the Charge Air Cooler durability problems vehicle owner/ operators face. When Dura-Lite™ started on this project, we knew that we had to engineer a Charge Air Cooler that met the required OE engine performance specifications. We also knew we had to produce a Charge Air Cooler which would last - not for months or a couple of years, but for many years! This commitment to Quality and Excellence placed Dura-Lite™ in a unique position. While other Charge Air Cooler manufacturers were attempting to improve upon the typical Charge Air Cooler thermal fatigue failure (OE design), Dura-Lite™ took another approach. 

Dura-Lite™ engineered a Charge Air Cooler incorporating our Patented Silicone Grommet Tube-to-Header Seal System in place of the traditional brazed/ welded tube to header joint. The silicone grommets allow for free thermal expansion while maintaining a leak free seal. This free thermal expansion eliminates the stress and premature failures associated with a restrained brazed/ welded tube to header joint. Strain tests, thermal cycle tests, dynamometer tests, durability tests at elevated temperatures, and field tests were conducted. Dura-Lite™ coolers produced outstanding results and confirmed that our engineers had, indeed, found the solution to eliminating premature Charge Air Cooler failure. 

Dura-Lite’s patented Charge Air Cooler design is radically different and more durable than any other in the marketplace. The advantages allow Dura-Lite™ the ability to offer the best warranty in the business, an incomparable 7 Year / 1,000,000 Mile Warranty on most Part #’s. This warranty remains unmatched in the industry. 

In spite of Dura-Lite’s success, the engineering team continues to work hard at providing our customers with ever better product. The latest design - Evolution® - combines the advantage of durability with that of an engineered Outer Fin for aggressive cooling in On-Highway applications. 

To compliment the Evolution® Charge Air Cooler, Dura-Lite™ designed - Channel Flow® - a radical new Charge Air Cooler innovation designed for Agricultural and Industrial Applications where dust, dirt, and debris cause the outside of the OE cooler to become plugged up. 

Dura-Lite’s continued commitment to process development and product innovation will ensure that you, receive the highest quality, best engineered Charge Air Cooler available in the world. 

To learn more please select one of the following links to view Dura-Lite’s Charge Air Coolers; Evolution® Charge Air Coolers for On-Highway Applications and Channel Flow® Charge Air Coolers for Agricultural and Industrial Applications.