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Why A Dura-Lite™ Radiator Or Cooling Module?

  • OE (Original Equipment) plastic tank radiators typically fail at the joint between the plastic tank and the “crimped” aluminum header/ core. Dura-Lite™ has eliminated this failure mode by replacing the plastic tanks and aluminum core with either Bolt-On (steel) or older-On (brass) reinforced tanks and copper/ brass core.
  • All Dura-Lite™ radiator tanks and structure are made of high strength, heavy gauge rust resistant steel or brass.
  • Dura-Lite™ has made improvements to the OE radiator design to reinforce areas commonly prone to failure.
  • 100% leak tested under water before leaving the factory.
  • No Core Charge on all Radiators and many Charge Air Coolers
  • Replacements for most applications.
  • Professionally engineered using the latest Solid Modeling CAD (Computer Aided Design) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Software.
  • Dura-Lite’s Engineering Department can custom design a Radiator, Charge Air Cooler and or Radiator / Charge Air Cooler Cooling Module for any application.
  • On-Site temperature controlled Enviromental Wind Tunnel (EWT) and Chassis Dynamometer tested to meet or exceed OE (Original Equipment) heat transfer preformance.
  • Serving the Heavy Duty Truck, Transit Bus, Motorcoach, Motorhome, Industrial, Agricultural, Construction and Lift Truck markets.