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Charge Air Cooler Tester

The Dura-Lite charge air cooler Tester-Kit is the fastest and most reliable on the market.

Find out if you have a leak in 20 minutes or less

With Dura-Lite’s charge air cooler Tester-Kit, testing your charge air cooler is as easy as checking your oil. The kit comes complete with everything you need to make pressure testing your charge air cooler safe and easy.

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Your engine isn’t performing at its best.

We’ll Prove It.

These are the signs that your charge air cooler may be leaking and costing you $100K per year on fuel with a fleet of 25 vehicles!

Loss of engine power
Increased fuel consumption
Elevated soot levels in your oil
Premature piston, ring, and valve failure
Turbocharger or exhaust manifold failure
Elevated coolant temperatures

How it Works

Step 1

Remove turbo hoses and clamps.

Step 2

Install Tester-Kit plugs and clamps. Mount gauge and double check system.

Step 3

Apply 30 psig of air. Remove air supply and check gauge. See chart (below) for Leak Down Rate Specifications. If leakage occurs beyond these specifications, it is strongly recommended that you replace your existing cooler with a Dura-Lite Evolution® Charge Air Cooler.

Step 4

Release air. Test is now complete.

Leak Down Rate Specifications

Caterpillar 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Cummins (ISB,ISC,N14) 7 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Cummins (ISX, M11) 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Detroit Diesel 5 psig in 30 seconds @ 30 psig
International 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Mack 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Mercedes 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 25 psig
Volvo 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
* psig (pound-force per square inch gauge)

Learn how to use Dura-Lite’s Charge Air Cooler Tester-Kit

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If your charge air cooler is leaking, it’s time to replace it with the world’s best. Being an industry leader for more than 28-years fuels our passion for creating superior products and allows us to proudly stand behind Evolution® charge air coolers with a 7-year, million-mile guarantee.

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