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Eliminator Charge Air Cooler

The Dura-Lite Eliminator® brings quality, durability and affordability in one charge air cooler.

Why choose a Dura-Lite Eliminator Charge Air Cooler?

Dura-Lite’s Eliminator charge air cooler is the best built, most durable, and affordable charge air cooler option on the market. Keep your equipment working longer for less, and trust in the Dura-Lite™ 1-year, unlimited-mile guarantee.

The Eliminator charge air cooler could save you up to $100K per year on fuel with a fleet of 25 vehicles!

Eliminator charge air coolers are manufactured to eliminate the typical tube-to-header failure and resulting leakage.

Professionally engineered as a direct original equipment (OE) replacement.

Meets or exceeds original equipment (OE) heat transfer performance.

Superior quality and durability against other aftermarket and OE charge air coolers.

An affordable option for optimized power, emissions and renewed fuel economy.

No core charge, and manufactured leak-free.

1-year, unlimited-mile guarantee

North America’s most reliable charge air cooler.

The Eliminator includes Dura-Lite’s 1-year, unlimited-mile guarantee.

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