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Heavy Duty Replacement Truck Radiators

Dura-Lite truck radiators are specially designed for the heavy duty truck, transit bus, motorcoach, motorhome, industrial, agricultural, and construction markets.

Why choose a Dura-Lite replacement truck radiator?

At Dura-Lite, we asked the question: Why is something as essential as a radiator still so unreliable? We answered by making stronger fiber-reinforced tanks that prevent stress cracking that can happen with less flexible plastic-tank radiators.

Our commitment to quality and excellence means Dura-Lite heavy truck radiators offer a higher level of durability as well as solutions to the most common problems drivers face. This keeps you out of the shop and back on the road.

Stronger fiber-reinforced tanks.

Heavier gauge headers for unsurpassed durability.

Extra header-stiffening plate, eliminates common leaks.

More reliable

Reinforced headers and an extra stiffening plate

We use reinforced headers and an extra stiffening plate, which prevents leaks from happening between the tank and header and tubes and header. Our thicker, stronger, and more flexible tanks and reinforced headers ensure that our radiators remain durable and last for longer.

More efficient

Higher efficiency core design and reinforced tubes

Our heavy duty semi-truck radiators have a higher efficiency core design and reinforced tubes so that there is extra strength where it is needed. Dura-Lite headers include extra deep crimp tabs, reinforced tank crimp area on the tanks and extra stainless-steel outer crimp strips used to reinforce applications with traditional style crimp designs.

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